Attachments to food, day 1 lemon & fruit cleanse.…

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24 comments on “Attachments to food, day 1 lemon & fruit cleanse. Denying ourselves. Perfection.. Sex… :)P

  1. orthodox-4-ever

    1 year ago

    For me sex is the the most intimate physical propinquity of two spiritually and emotionally propinquity persons from which new life can be born. Sexual energy is the strongest energy in universe, if there is no that energy, life would be gone (or should not even started).

    Nice to have you in facebook friends. Greetings from Serbia :)

  2. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    haha ah ok so its yooooooooou! lovely. yeah no probs. when the time is right :)

  3. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    thank u Sandy, my delight and pleasure also in having you as such a great friend :) <3 <3 <3

  4. ShineLoveLightShine

    1 year ago

    Good morning! Good video, Owen! This is just the kind of motivation I needed! :)
    Hello to Sally!  :)

  5. RawVeganGrandma

    1 year ago

    I think sex is as normal as eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom. All these things in life, they’re normal. But like you say, in the right happy conditions, it’s all healthy and beautiful. Our mindset in all things is important. I love Facebook and your column, and I love You Tube! You Tube and Facebook I check and go on every day. It’s good to use these things for love, encouraging others, and ourselves, and I love your Video’s and all you write Owen!! :-)

  6. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    hahaha thanks ilectric :) ud love if you did that? go for it! or maybe i will also too if thats what u meant. a more video aimed at it is actually a really good idea isnt it! :))) thank u for ur time n comment. have a lovely day :)

  7. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    nah i dont actually. some say its great, others say dont do them. i think its ok basically except some people get addicted to them like a cruth for whenever they eat too much/binge etc, but then again , thats only a risk and can be applied to anything :) depends on ur personality and state of well being etc. i tried a few months ago get one but then the person who was supposed to get them for me said he couldnt order them as usual.

  8. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    ah thats cool katnap. thank u for mentioning that i really love to hear that i can help in some way at all :D u busy in life at the mo? we friends on fb? ur a lovely soul. take care n lots of love ur way for another nice day for u ok :)

  9. Lauren Zook

    1 year ago

    Don’t be sorry :) I loved when you got off track with the while Facebook Issue. People I know feel it’s used for bad things such as gossiping, etc. I would absolutely LOVE for to to make a video saying what you said about Facebook and so much more !!!! :D ~<3~

  10. Colin McAllister

    1 year ago

    Do you do enemas Owen?

  11. James Carmichael

    1 year ago

    Cool. I think as long as you do a bit it can benefit you. I’m looking forward to my fast on Monday lol. I hope I don’t violently detox though haha.

  12. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    not really but i do if im up or out there in the proper times. i do it a few mins a day thats all. casually… i love the sun :)

  13. James Carmichael

    1 year ago

    You still sungazing while doing this fast?

  14. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    haha thats funny alright, delighted for us both and all the others taking avail of natures bounty gifts :) im seeing god doses of sediment now on day 3. better than ever before ..

  15. James Carmichael

    1 year ago

    i will I’ve subbed you now so i’ll defo keep in touch. Need to get my organic fruit first. The really funny thing is: Buying and finding the highest queslity fruits is very hard here in wales, but finding the best and most powerful herbs reuires me walking outside my door only lol. The wild grass juice in my opinon is supreme and its all FREE! haha

  16. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    wow. that sounds very awesome! very!…. throw in some bitter dock, herb robert, cleaver and bit of clover if u have any (clover isnt nice tasting at all imo). and nettles if u want. they all work wonders and the more variety the better more or less in my opinion. but what u said is supreme. these wilds are way better than stuff u buy and they are free- just as they shud be – gifts from the divine mother nature whom looks after us. peace, blessings. good luck friend! :) let me know how it goes:)

  17. James Carmichael

    1 year ago

    Owen: I’m planning on doing a 2-3 day fruit juice fast with herbs from my garden. I’m planning on apples, grapes, dandelions, plantain and wild grass juice. Does that sound ok to you?

  18. Strahinja Mojsovic

    1 year ago

    hahaha, I’m planing to do dredlocks by natural way and I’m very excited. :D

  19. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    haha nah, had 2-4 before when i never brushed my hair for years :)P lol… now im groomed by sally and myself too these days :)P… lol. sometimes i have plaits in my hair that myt resemble dreads :)

  20. Strahinja Mojsovic

    1 year ago

    Hey Owen! How are you?:) Are you making dredlocks?:)

  21. MrAntdion

    1 year ago

    Well said

  22. RawVeganGrandma

    1 year ago

    Love your Video’s Owen!! I learn alot too, and enjoy you making video’s and we can “visit” with you each day!! The world is a better place with you in it!! :-)

  23. rainemeralds

    1 year ago

    Please do a video about how u met (Naturally) Sally Sauver ! X

  24. 0wenfox

    1 year ago

    thanks Maugirl :) !

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